Our prototypes let you market concepts and test feasibility.

Let’s face it: some of the best ideas land on the cutting room floor because many manufacturers just don’t have the engineering skill or ability to craft a suitable prototype. Without one, you can’t market a concept or accurately evaluate its production feasibility.

With our prototypes, we turn products into reality. We can produce them in a variety of ways using final, similar or composite materials, depending on your lead time and needs.

Standard Lead Time

We can produce a prototype in the actual, final materials that your design engineers can use to test form, fit and functionality. Prototypes can also be made in similar or test materials that your sales team can use for presentations.

Reduced Lead Time

Equipment in our Troy, Michigan, office, can create a 3-D prototype in any combination of colors, including with logos, lettering and graphics. For projects that require a shorter lead time, these prototypes allow you to see your product, within a few thousandths of an inch of its actual size and in high-definition detail. Simply submit a computer blueprint (.stl format) and your prototype will be ready in two to three days. The single-piece model is made of durable composite material in sizes to 56.3 cubic inches.

Prototype Tooling

We also often provide prototype tooling for our automotive and OEM customers. With these prototypes, our manufacturers create 100 or fewer units before the mass build to ensure the parts meet customers’ expectations and needs.



Our sampling process ensures the only surprises you’ll encounter are pleasant ones.


We’ll provide a smooth path with no hidden fees or costs.


On time, on spec and on budget.