Some sourcing companies simply connect you to a manufacturer, then disappear, leaving you mired in miscommunication and quality issues. That’s not the case with United Global Sourcing. We’re a global sourcing company that puts communication and quality first; and we won’t compromise. We maintain a 24-hour communication cycle that allows us to quickly identify and address manufacturing issues early to ensure components and assemblies are produced and delivered on time, as promised. Your needs are unique, and we are confident our expert team will identify a fully-vetted reliable supplier to fulfill your precise specifications. We specialize in industrial manufacturing, including precision castings and machining, plastic-injection molded products such as plastic and molded natural rubber, and elastomer assemblies. If you have a consumer product you’d like a prototype of, we can help there too. From sporting goods to household products and pet supplies, we can help you find the best factory for your manufacturing needs. Get a free quote today!