You provide the specifications; we'll handle the details.

Having sourced thousands of individual SKUs for hundreds of unique customers, we can identify the most capable factory for virtually any part or product you may require. From precision castings and machining to plastic and molded natural rubber/elastomer components and assemblies to commodity goods, we can match your needs with a proven Asia-sourced supplier. We’ll negotiate the lowest possible price, monitor quality control during production, and deliver the products with a confirmed, all cost-inclusive quotation.

red hot metal forgings


Complex castings and forgings constructed and tested with materials according to ASTM specifications.

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shaving metal on a lathe

Precision Machining

Sophisticated components and precision-machined products to meet NAICS 332721 standards.

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plastic injection mold

Plastic Injection Molding

Low-cost, high-volume plastic and rubber parts using preferred processing methods.

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cutting metal with a torch

Value-added sub-assemblies

Intricate parts production and sub-assembly to your specifications and in compliance with best practices.

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